The DornMethod (in Englisch) (Art.-Nr.: 123)

This new and first book in English about the Dorn Method is written as a True Self Help Manual for people who suffer from Back Pains and want to know why they do so and what they can do to get relief. It gives new and easy to understand insights on a very common ailment and offers a reliable solution to finally overcome a problem that conventional medicine and even many other 'alternative' approaches could not solve until now. The 'Dorn Method' describes in a very simple way a quite complex subject and shows with many photos how anyone can apply the principles of this revolutionary new therapy. The Dorn Method Self Help Exercises featured are actually designed to partly replace the adjustments done by a Dorn Method Therapist and they can be safely applied even without a prior therapy although it is best to receive a treatment first and use the exercises to maintain the success of the therapy for long term results. Beside the description of the Dorn Method and Exercises, the Book features a lot more photos that show what we do wrong in order to avoid these potentially harmful movements, sitting positions and lifting habits etc.

The DornMethod / Autor: Thomas Zudrell /    Im E-Bock in .pdf - Format.

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